Equipment Rental

$5 for 1 hour

$10 Unlimited

65w Fender Princeton Chorus twin

100w Fender Stage 100 combo

150w Fender Mustang V head/Marshall 1960 4×12 cab

100w Marshall MG 100fx head/Marshall 1960 4×12 cab

65w Fender Ultimate Chours twin

Yamaha CP50 88 key digital piano with amp

Yamaha E213 Keyboard ($2.50/h $5/unlimited)

Iron Cobra double kick pedal ($2.50/h $5/unlimited)

Extra Sabian AA crash

Magna Congas

Zoom Q2n 4k video camera

Zoom H4 Audio recorder ($2.50/h $5/unlimited)

2 480LED Neewer photo/video lights

All prices subject to GST and PST