Our best-equipped room. The spacious 18.5ft x 15.5ft studio is 20% larger than our regular studios giving it space for large bands with lots of gear to spread out comfortably. It boasts the best backline in the city, including gear from DW, Dunnett, Ampeg, GK, Mesa/Boogie and Marshall. The 3300 Watt Yorkville Elite PA has a 1500 Watt 15″ sub making the room ideal for DJ’s and keyboards. Studio 20 was set up to record your rehearsal.  Just plug your laptop into the 12 channel USB out on the mixer (some experience required).

Just like all our hourly studios, Studio 20 is airconditioned and comes with a PA, bass amp, guitar cabs and a full drum kit with snare pedal and cymbals.


$15/hour Solo*

$189 Day Rate Weekdays

$299 Day Rate Weekends & Holidays

*solo reservations accepted 30min or less in advance

Recording in Studio 20

Do you want to hear how your practice went? Need a cheap demo? Just bring your laptop and plug it into the board, There is an internal mic in the kick drum, just put a mic in front of the guitar amps (or not), plug in the DI from the bass amp and plug in your laptop* and you can have a 12 track recording of your session.

*PCs will need to download the free software here:

The Board: Soundcraft Signature 12MTK 12 Channel Mixer with 14-in/12-out USB Interface

The Mics: Internal Audio Technica M25 mic (reissue) in the kick drum, 2 Apex185b omnidirectional (can be switched to cardioid) and up to 6 Sure sm58 or 57s are included.

**A Pyle-Pro Pdkm 7-Piece Drum Mic Kit is available free of charge for any studio at Pandora’s Box to borrow.


Bass Rig: Ampeg SVT Classic 8×10 cab, Gallien-Krueger 1001rm 750 Watt head

Drums: 6 piece kit with Drum Workshop Collectors Series toms and kick, Dunnett Stainless Steel snare, Sabian HHX ride & hi-hats, 2 Sabian AAX crashes, choice of pedals

Drum Sizes: toms 8×8, 8×10,10×12, floor tom 16×16, kick 20, snare 6.5×14.

PA:  3 Yorkville Elite E10p 600 Watt speakers, 1 Yorkville Elite LS720P 1500 Watt Sub, Soundcraft Signature 12MTK 12 Channel Mixer

Guitar Cabs: 1 Mesa Boogie Tripple Rectifier 4×12 cab, 1 Marshall 1960 4×12 cab